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How resilient are you? Stop guessing.

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Facts you can't ignore

What we do

Our knowledge and unique experiences help build and sustain high performing cultures.

Clients profit form a shift in focus from health as a
cost driver to health as a performance driver.

Health Optimisation

We firmly believe that health promotion should exist at the core of every organisation and it serves as the foundation of our services.

Biology is Business Relevant. What is your firm doing to energise and protect its workforce?

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Stress Resilience

The statistics are both unequivocal and shocking; stress and burnout impacts every organisation. Progressive organisations are turning to Peak Health to deliver an evidence based solution to better manage their Human Capital and potential liabilities.

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We bring the science of high performance to life with a unique insight into the behaviours adopted by some of the worlds most high performing cultures.

We introduce audiences to our systematic approach to greater energy, resilience and performance.

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What they say

Client testimonials

"The coaching is never rote and fits, like a building block, into a longer term programme. Many talk about this kind of approach but few effectively implement it."

CEO, GS Bank

"The integrated approach to managing health is optimal both in terms of health outcomes and time efficiency. I simply don’t have the spare capacity or expertise to manage the necessary factors that Peak Health combine so effectively"

CIO, SadrianBowman Capital

"We feel strongly that in the high stress world of finance our employee's wellbeing is critical to their performance and therefore our success. Our employees enthusiastically believe that the programme was very worthwhile"

COO, London Based Hedge Fund

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